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JB23-25ton stamping machine

The Fuselage

The fuselage is made of three parts:the bed, base and worktable,the subplate on the worktable is used to install chess. The fuselage is mostly cast iron material, while the large press machine is made of steel plate welding. First, the fuselage need to meet the rigidity and strength conditions, conductive to vibration and noise reduction,guaranteed the press stability.

Operating Mechanism

The operating mechanism is a crank-link mechanism consists of crankshaft, connecting rod and slider. The crankshaft is the most important part of the press, and its strength determines the punching capacity of the press; the connecting rod is a connecting member, and its both ends are connected with the crankshaft and slider; the slider with the upper die is the executive element, and finally,to complete the punching action. The input power rotates through the crankshaft, drives the connecting rod to swing up and down, and converts the rotating motion into the reciprocating linear motion of the slider along the guide rail fixed on the fuselage.


Crankshaft adopts fine copper material, wearproof, long life.

Mould Installation

Mould installation, simple and convenient.


Maintain convenient and stability, mould height adjustment.

Operating Platform

Bimanualness, inching, interlock.Safety and realiable.

Pedal Switch​

Pedal brake, operation simply.

Electric Appliance

Adopts Schneider electric appliance, long life.

Power Transmission System

The power transmission system composed of a motor, a transmission device (gear drive or belt drive) and a flywheel, in which the motor and flywheel are power components. In the empty stroke of the press, the kinetic energy is accumulated by the moment of inertia of the flywheel itself; when the moment force of the punching workpiece is maximum, the flywheel releases the accumulated energy, which makes the load of the motor is balanced, the energy utilization is reasonable and the vibration is reduced. Some punching machines use big gear or belt wheel to achieve the function of flywheel.

Technical Parameters

Nominal Pressurekn250
Nominal Pressure Strokemm2.5
Slider Strokemm70
Slider Stroke Timesmin-170
Max. Closed Heightmm290
Die-Filling Heightmm220
Die-Filling Height Adjustmentmm50
Throat Depthmm190
Bolster SizeFron And Backmm330
Left And Rightmm520
Slider Subface SizeFron And Backmm185
Left And Rightmm200
Shank Hole SizeDiametermm40
Columns Intervalmm260
Bolster Thicknessmm50
Bolster Blanking SizeFron And Backmm165
Left And Rightmm265
Max. Inclined Angle of Machine30
Machine Outline SizeFron And Backmm1200
Light And Rightmm850

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