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Ironworker Machine

An ironworker is a class of machines that can shear, notch, and punch holes in steel plates. A hydraulic ironworker is a machine tool that combines various functions such as metal cutting, hole punching, shearing, and bending. It’s also been called a hydraulic steelworker.

Here at KRRASS, we refer to Ironworker machines as the “Swiss Army Knives” of the Fabrication Industry with capabilities that when considered in total, almost amaze, as the different functions and capabilities just keep on punching. Ironworker machines are designed to punch, shear, bend and notch mild steel plate, bar stock, angle iron, and pipe. A wide range of accessories is available to fabricate rod and square stock, sheet metal, and pipe. 

The ironworker machine is divided into two types: hydraulic ironworker and mechanical ironworker. Since a hydraulic ironworker machine can be used for several different operations, it’s a wise and efficient way of saving both time and money. Because it’s a multipurpose machine with so many different uses, the hydraulic ironworker machine can be found in fabrication, manufacturing, and maintenance shops as well as trade schools. 

As the top 1 ironworker manufacturers, KRRASS’s Ironworker machines lead the industry in both performance and build quality. Our ironworker machine for sale manufacture with massive frames and tables, with gigantic hydraulic rams, over-capacity work stations, and deep throats. Our hydraulic ironworker machine has the advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption, and low maintenance cost. Every fabricator should have a quality KRRASS Ironworker machine in their shop!

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