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Press Brake

KRRASS EURO PRO & GENIUS range is fully configurable following the customer s need. The standard range features models with capacities varying from 30 to 2000 ton. Furthermore, KRRASS is capable of building machinery with different configurations upon customers request. KRRASS GENIUS is a range of high performance press brakes for all types of production and highest levels for accuracy andproductivity. It’s versatility for multiple configuration and customization, shows that GENIUS can be used in any company and in any kind of work, from bending of the simplest parts, up to complex mass production parts with tight tolerances. It’s the ideal solution to achieve higher levels of competitiveness, precision and safety. Using all KRRASS’s knowledge and technology, EURO PRO,GENIUS models CNC press brake combine quality, performance and accuracy for those company’s that wants to embrace future sustainable development.

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We focus on the production of various types of machinery products to meet the user’s customized needs, but also access to many professional institutions of certification and recognition, to ensure that each customer’s machinery and equipment is to achieve the world’s technical level of products.
Over the years, Krrass has continuously focused on the research and development and innovation of machinery manufacturing technology, and has produced the machinery and equipment they need for thousands of corporate customers around the world.

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