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Fiber laser cutting machine with exchangable table


fiber laser cutting machine hight power


3000*1500mm (optional)
Processing area
Laser power

Max.Moving Speed

Max. acc. speed

Whole Machine Weight

Reposition Accuracy

Machine Load

Machine dimensions

Standard Configuration

  • Laser Head : Raytools Auto-Focusing Laser Cutting Head
  • Servo Motor : Panasonic Japan
  • Servo driver :Panasonic Japan
  • Slideway : Hiwin TAIWAN
  • Rack : YYC TAIWAN
  • Gear :YYC TAIWAN
  • Reducer : Shimpo Japan
  • Control system : Cypcut FSCUT 2000
  • Proportional valve : Japan SMC
  • Electrical : France Schneider

High Speed Exchange Plateform

The independent running of 2 plateforms is not related, the accuracy is not affected by each other, and the slag removal is more convenient; the positioning of the double cone pin is in one step and keeps the accuracy

Carbon Structure Steel Plate Welding Machine Bed

The overall structure has good rigidity, less heat absorption, fast heat dissipation, and anti-deformation; long-term high-speed operation to maintain machine tool stability;

Eco-friendly Clean Cutting Mode

Powerful ventilation, surging power; large air volume, strong air pressure; main contorl air door, small compartment; strong suction, fast smoke exhaust; dedicated air duct, super large diameter; smooth ventilation, unobstructed smoke exhaust; built-in air door, no fear of laser; butterfly valve structure, quiet and low noise.

Cypcut FSCUT2000 Control System

High-speed transmission, higer cutting accuracy; independent innovation and research and development, stable and flexible operation;

Panasonic Servo Motor

The electric and drive systems provided by Japan Panasonic offer customers a faster rotation speed and better stability.

The 4th Generation Aviation Aluminum Beam

Select 6-series aviation aluminum alloy, which is the material for manufacturing aviation flight devices. It is light in weight and has good dynamic performance of beams.

Raytools Auto-Focusing Laser Cutting Head

• Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design.
• Auto focus ranges +9~-14mm, accuracy is 0.05mm.
• Can be equipped with the D30 lens group, the maximum fiber input power is 3.3KW.
• Maximum acceleration of focus lens drive 10m/s2, maximum speed 10m/min.
• Adds an upper protective lens to the collimator, minimizing the risk of contamination of the collimator.
• Drawer-type of lens mount, quick and easy access to the cover glass.
• With a variety of optical interfaces, can be adapted with a variety of fiber lasers.



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