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CNC Press Brake With DA53T System

cnc press brake


KRRASS® press brakes benefit your bottom line with higher quality parts, faster cycle times, lower operating and maintenance costs. Whether your application requires bending simple shapes or complex parts, KRRAS® has a press brake to match your needs and your budget. KRRASS® press brakes are designed for reliability, repeat-ability, precision, performance and ease-of-operation.

We offer several series of press brakes with features and options tailored to different manufacturing environments. Each series offers a range of lengths and tonnages. KRRASS® can also custom design and manufacture a press brake to your exact needs.

All our brakes are designed for high performance. Five key design features will increase your productivity and decrease your per part cost.

Design innovations based on our years of experience have resulted in faster and more accurate speeds on the ram approach, bending, return and back gauge positions.


√ DELEM DA-53T CNC control unit 5 axis CNC

√ Y1, Y2 precision ram positioning

√ Standard BGA-1 for X( X=500mm)

√ CNC motorized wave &Hydraulic crowning

√ Rexroth hydraulic valve block, pump and valves

√ High Siemens efficiency motor– class IE3

√ Stand By Function for energy-saving drive

√ Rear cover: Safety barriers (Category IV)

√ Sheet metal frontal supports

√ Front and rear lighting



The foundation of every KRRAS® press brake is a solid, mono-block frame made from mill certified, high-yield steel. As a result our press brakes perform accurately and reliably year after year. We’re so confident in our frames that we offer a 10-year warranty with our standard machines.

Dual hydraulic cylinders located on either side of the ram provide faster approach speeds. The cylinders are synchronized to provide smooth motion resulting in precise ram positions to accuracies of .0004″


The new compact DA-53T adds a state-of-the-art complete touch control solution for synchronized press brakes. Offering easiest CNC programming based on the Delem graphical touch screen user interface.

This panel based control, standard capable of controlling up to 4 axes, can be integrated in cabinets as well as used in an optional pendulant arm housing.


  • “Hot-key” touch navigation
  • 10.1″ high resolution colour TFT
  • Up to 4 axes (Y1,Y2 + 2 aux. axes)
  • Crowning control
  • Tool / material / product library
  • Servo and frequency inverter control
  • Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed-loop as well as open-loop valves.
  • TandemLink (option)
  • USB memory stick interfacing
  • Profile-T offline software
DA53T System

CE Standard Electrical System

Schneider Electrics - France

Siemens Motor

Bosch Rexroth Pump-Germany

Bosch Rexroth Valve -Germany

Y1,Y2 Bosch Rexroth Closed Cycle Valve -Germany

FAGOR Grating Ruler - Spain

Taiwan HIWIN Linear Guide

Manual Fine Tuning Back Stopper

Double Linear Guide Back Gauge Beam

KACON Foot Switch -South Korea

Infrared Point-to-point Protection

Moveable Front Support Arm

Standard Hydraulic Crowning

EMB Oil Pipe -Germany

Snap-in Type Quick Clamps

Hydraulic Crowning

One of the options that can definitely improve the quality in a workshop is the Hydraulic Crowning. The crowning system is no longer managed automatically by the CNC, but the necessary corrections are made in real time for each bend. This system ensures great results even when the operator is not skilled. With the Hydraulic Crowning the CNC manages indipendently the correction of the bending angle, without the intervention of the user, assuring a perfect bend even on irregular material (i.e. drilled or pierced sheets, etc.)

Mechanical Crowning Table Option

Manual crowning tables may be used for bed compensation causing the bed and table to be parallel with the ram insuring consistent bend angles all along the workpiece. This crowning table may be manually adjusted or CNC adjusted.

BACK Backgauges

Among the technical and structural features we can mention:

  1. movements on ballscrews for higher precision and smoothness;
  2. backgauge mounted onto the side frame, within a milled lodging, (precise up to the hundredth), powered by brushless servo drives, with integrated CAN open electronics, that ensure high performances;
  3. grinded rack transmission, that guarantees high speed of the axes (560 mm/s) and a positioning precision of ±0,02 mm, therefore high production rates, high standards and noiselessness;
  4. new backgauge built with a 10 mm structural beam, with an innovative system for the management of the parallelism, that will allow maximum flexibility for customizations together with extreme rigidity and strength;
  5. complete fingers, running on two opposite linear guides

The basic BACK model has 1axes (X), and can be upgraded up to 2 axes (X, R).


When necessary to boost the machine performance, the KRRAS® press brake can easily be upgraded with various options.

√ Update controller to DA53T,DA58T,DA66T

√ Automatic R-axis

√ Photoelectric protection satetyguard

√ Laser protection safetyguard

√ WILA hydraulic clamps

√ Optional die

DELEM DA53T System

DELEM DA58T System

DELEM DA66T System



The safety photoelectric device DSP LASER is a monoray barrier with visible laser emission that, integrated n a more general check system, contributes to the operator’s protection.

Gooseneck die

Single V die


Muliti-V die

Technical Parameters

ModelBending Pressure (Kn)Bending Length(mm)Column Distance (mm)Throat Depth(mm)Slider Stroke(mm)Max. Opening Height(mm)Main Motor(Kw)Length* Width*Height(mm)
40T / 2200400220017035010034042600 * 1450 * 2050
63T / 250063025001900年3501703805.53100 * 1450 * 2050
100T / 32001000320027004002004207.53500 * 1580 * 2400
100T / 40001000400035004002004207.53500 * 1580 * 2400
110T / 32001100320027004002004207.53500 * 1580 * 2400
125T / 3200125032002700400200450113500 * 1580 * 2400
125T/ 4000125040003500400200450114100 * 1580 * 2400
135T / 3200135032002700400200450113500 * 1580 * 2400
160T / 3200160032002700400200450113500 * 1650 * 2500
160T/ 4000160040003500400200450114500 * 1700 * 2800
160T/ 5000160050003900400200460115500 * 1750 * 2900
160T/ 6000160060005850400200460156500 * 1800 * 2900
175T / 3200175032002700400200450113500 * 1650 * 2500
200T / 3200200032002700400200450153500 * 1680 * 2550
200T/ 4000200040003500400200450154500 * 1700 * 2880
200T/ 5000200050004300400200450155500 * 1750 * 2880
200T/ 6000200060005200400200450156500 * 1850 * 2880
250T / 3200250032002700400200450153500 * 1700 * 2600
250T/ 4000250040003100400200450154200 * 1700 * 2600
250T/ 5000250050004300400200450155200 * 1750 * 2650
250吨/ 6000250060005200400200450156200 * 1780 * 2670
300T / 3200300032002700400200450223500 * 1800 * 2730
300T / 4000300040003500400200450224200 * 1850 * 2700
300T/ 5000300050004300400200450225200 * 1880 * 2720
300吨/ 6000300060005200400200450226200 * 1890 * 2750
400T/ 4000400040003500400320520304500 * 2450 * 3500

Bending sample

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