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W11F- 3-Rollers Asymmetric Plate Rolling Machine

plate rolling machine

W11F- 3-Rollers Asymmetric Plate Rolling Machine

  • The mechanical machine of 3-Rollers Asymmetric Plate Rolling Machine is designed to perform light and medium work and it can used to accomplishing the material up to 8mm in thickness,can used to rolled aluminium,air condition pipe,advertising boards and mental covers.
  • The two rollers are driven by separate chain and belt-driven spiral reducers and gear gears
  • Quality certificate high strength steel word rolled 3 welding rack and overall elimination stress.
  • Mechanical manual open overturned rack
  • Movable operation worktable
  • Cone device
  • The motor with the brake can ensures the accuracy of the reel
  • Rear roller can be adjusted by motor
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Standard equipment:

  • Two motorised rolls
  • Induction hardened rolls
  • Polished roll surface
  • Motorised pre-bending and bending
  • Bending roll tilt
  • Rolls with extensions for bending profiles
  • Mobile pedal controls
  • Emergency barrier around the machine
  • CE certified machine

Optional features:

  • Digital readouts for roll position
  • Conical device
  • Painting with special colours
  • Profile bending rings
  • Numerical controls
  • Version with vertical rolls
  • Version with corrugated rolls

Product Picture

Technical Parameters

ModelMax. Thickness of Plate (mm)Pre-bending Thickness (mm)Max. Width of Plate (mm)Plate Yeild Limit (Mpa)Top Roller Diameter (mm)Bottom Roller Dia. (mm)Side Roller Dia. (mm)Main Motor (Kw)Dimension (L*W*H)Weight (T)

Industry applications

Tent structures

Metallic constructions

Anchoring elements


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