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Q35Y-20 90ton Ironworker Machine Stock,Ironworker for sale,Hydraulic Irown worker Machine

Q35Y-20 90ton Ironworker Machine Stock,Ironworker for sale,Hydraulic Irown worker Machine


Main functions

1)2 independent hydraulic piston rods and foot-pedal allows two people operating at the same time.

2)More efficient stroke-control functions of piston rod.

3)Central lubricating system

4)Motor-driven rear stopper

5)Lighting devices for work

6) independent work-positions: punch pin and die (standard punching dies),cutting blade group for round and square steel, shearing blades for steel plate, slotting and angle-cutting blade.


If you don’t own an ironworker Machine, how do you cut, bend or shear metal? The short answer: it’s not easy!
1. Ironworker Alternatives
Fabricating metal is a breeze with a multi-use ironworker. If you have an ironworker, you can punch, shear or bend metal in seconds. You can also switch functions quickly – going from shearing to bending in a just 30 seconds. Versatility makes ironworkers a one-of-a-kind machine.
But if you don’t have an ironworker, what are your metal fabrication options? You may have to employ some of the metal manipulation tricks that were popular before ironworker ushered in the hydraulic ironworker era.
2. Shearing/cutting
You can cut metal with a torch or a saw, but set some extra time aside for the project. If you are looking for precision cutting – you and your torch or saw may be out of luck, depending on your skill level. Today’s ironworker will precisely shear a one-inch thick piece of metal in four seconds, which makes cutting multiple pieces of metal a breeze. Even if you aren’t a skilled machinist, you can learn how to use an ironworker easily.
3. Drilling/punching
Of course, an old fashioned drill press can drill holes in metal. But did you know that you can punch holes 10 times faster with an ironworker? You can also punch 3,000 to 5,000 holes with a $36 ironworker punch and die set, while a drill bit may get you a few hundred holes before going dull and require a replacement, which costs you time and money.
4. Bending
Bending metal is no easy task without an ironworker. Your options are limited. If you have Superman strength, you could try this. Otherwise, using a torch to soften the metal before bending it manually will be your best bet. An ironworker will do that job for you in mere seconds!

Technical Specifications Q35Y-20
Punching Pressure(T) 90T
Depth of throat(mm) 355
Features Punching holes Diameter*Max. thickness mm 30X20
Diameter*thickness mm 30X20
Max.diameter mm 30
Stroke mm 80
Work stroke mm X25
Throat Depth mm 355
Steel bar cutting Round steel mm 50
Square steel mm 50X50
Angle cutting Angle cutting mm 140X140X12
Angle °(degree) 50X50X5
Edged surface mm 6.5
Slotting Thickness mm 160
Width mm 60
Depth mm
U-shaped and I-beam cutting mm 140X140X12
T-section cutting mm 70X70X10
I-beam cutting mm 160X86X6
V-slotting die mm 600
V-bending mm 15
Pressure Kn 900
Motor Power kw 7.5
Weight Kg 2500
Machine outline size(LXWXH) mm 1860X800X1990

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