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NC Press Brake P40 System

Hydraulic Press Brake WC67K-135T 3200 Sheet Metal Bending Machine With P40 Sysetm from Germany

Hydraulic Press Brake WC67K-135T 3200 Sheet Metal Bending Machine With P40 Sysetm from Germany

Main Features     

  1. The whole EU streamlined design, heat treatment rack, high rigidity worktable, optional mechanical compensation device, to achieve precision bending.
  2. Hydraulic synchronous control and Estun NC programmable logic controller ensure accurate repeatability and ease use.
  3. Integrated hydraulic system (Bosch Rexroth Germany) allows automatically switch to slow bends in a quick way.
  4. X axis and Y axis realize accurate positioning function by frequency converter through NC E21 system programming control.
  5. Cutting-edge frequency response hydraulic control technology, more stable machine tools, more reliable operation.
  6. The best ratio of parameters, optimal core configuration ensure stable performance, more convenient operation.
  7. WC67K standard single-axis back gauge system and single-axis bending angle system, you can choose to add the V-axis compensation function, and select the appropriate mold to bend complex shape workpieces easily.

Main Configuration:    

  • Germany P40 control system
  • Y-axis and X-axis system control adjustment
  • Delta frequency converter controls the positioning of X axis and Y axis
  • Using HIWIN ball screw and light bar to ensure the accuracy of 0.05mm.
  • Front holder support
  • Germany Bosch Rexroth hydraulic valve block
  • Germany EMB oil tube connector
  • Germany Siemens main motor
  • France Schneider Electric
  • Hydraulic and electrical overload protection
  • Top and bottom dies (86 °, R0.6mm, material: 42CrMo)


Name Unit 1600T/6000
1  Bending Pressure kn 16000
2  Bending Length(A) mm 6000
3  Column Distance (B) mm 4900
4  Throat Depth(D) mm 400
5 Slider Stroke(C) mm 300
6 Max. Opening Height(E) mm 400
7 Y  Down Speed mm / sec 80
8 Y Back Stroke Speed mm / sec 700
9 Y1,Y2-axis mm/m 0.03
10 X-axis  Max.Distance mm 800
11 Workpiece Linear Degree mm/m ≥ 0.5
12  Rear Gauge Precision Mm/m 0.05mm
13  Sliding Front Supporting Arms pcs 2
14 Back stopper pcs 2
16 V Mechanical Compensation
17 Main Motor kw 2*55
18  CNC System E21s
19 Length* Width* Height mm 6500*3000*5600
20  Weight T 130
21 Video Link

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