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NC Press Brake WC67K-200T4000

NC Press Brake PBA-200T4000 E200P System Export Mexico

NC Press Brake PBA-200T4000 E200P System Sheet Metal Bending Machine Export Mexico

NC Press Brake WC67K-200T4000

The composition of CNC Press Brake
Slider part: It adopts hydraulic transmission. The slider part is composed of slider, oil cylinder and mechanical stopper fine-tuning structure. The left and right oil cylinders are fixed on the frame, and the piston (rod) drives the slider up and down through hydraulic pressure, and the mechanical stop is controlled by the numerical control system to adjust the value.
Worktable part: Operated by the button box, the motor drives the stopper to move forward and backward, and the moving distance is controlled by the numerical control system. The minimum reading is 0.01 mm (both front and back positions have travel switch limits).
Synchronization system
Synchronous system: Unlike ordinary bending machines, this machine uses servo valves and grating scales and other hydraulic devices to form a closed loop circuit, thereby accurately controlling various actions of the bending machine.
Material blocking mechanism
Material blocking mechanism: The material blocking is driven by a motor, and the two screw rods are driven to move synchronously through the chain operation. The numerical control system controls the material blocking size.

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