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Sheet metal grooving machine safety operation rules

Sheet metal grooving machine safety operation rules


1、Focus on working hours, strictly observe operation rules and ensure safe operation.
2、Cut off the power supply before adjusting the equipment.
3、Adjust according to the required size. Special tools shall be used for adjustment. Care shall be taken carefully and safety shall be paid attention to.
4、Pay attention to the pressure between the blade and the bottom shaft, and the blade is cut off after contacting with the cardboard. Adjust the knife to prevent damage to the knife edge.
5、The paper feeder shall be adjusted to the same line and parallel to the working axis before working.
6、During adjustment, note that the paper Slitter should be used in a complete set and the clearance should be moderate, and the pressure of the roller should be suitable.
7、After adjusting the working size, check whether the locking parts are locked, whether the chain is properly tightened, remove all the miscellaneous items on the equipment, and then manually turn the car to check whether there is any abnormality. After no problem, greet the surrounding colleagues to prepare for starting up.
8、Ensure the oil level of exposed oil cup is appropriate when starting up, then start the machine at low speed, observe whether the rotation is abnormal, and then increase the working speed when all the transmission parts are completely lubricated and the machine turns without abnormal sound. In case of any fault, stop the oil and repair immediately.
9、Before production, it is necessary to conduct pre trial production. After continuous inspection of multiple finished products, formal production can be carried out after confirming that they meet the requirements. During the production process, observe carefully. Check the similar trial production process every five minutes, and stop the adjustment immediately if there is any problem.
10、During operation, care shall be taken. The work clothes shall be fastened tightly to avoid the knife edge. Do not touch the moving parts by hand, and do not touch the button at will to ensure the production safety.
11、Check whether the parts are worn or not in conformity with the requirements, and repair or replace them in time if any.
12、Pay attention to machine maintenance and lubrication

  • Ensure oil level of oil tank and drip it frequently
  • The feeder drive slider is filled once a shift
  • The connecting gear is often lubricated
  • The running bearing shall be overhauled once a year from half a year, and filled with calcium base butter
  • The regulating vortex rod should be lubricated regularly.

13、Keep the shafts clean and wipe them with oil frequently.
14、After production, stop the machine according to the specified procedures, and then cut off the power supply.
15、Wipe the machine every day. During the work, ensure the hands are clean. Clean the surrounding environment immediately after the work is completed

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