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Use characteristics of vertical V grooving machine

Use characteristics of vertical V grooving machine


Vertical V grooving machine is suitable for elevator, decorative materials, stainless steel, household appliances, props display and other industries that need high precision processing plate. Steel plate welding structure, annealing aging treatment, good stability, high working accuracy, high working efficiency, reduce.

The main features of vertical grooving machine are as follows:

1. The machine adopts high strength steel plate welding, heat treatment, heat preservation and tempering to eliminate welding stress and improve welding strength, high stability.
2. The processing workpiece is sent by the front end, hydraulic clamping, hydraulic pressure plate, high degree of automation, fast operation.
3. The working face can be adjusted independently, and the cutting precision can be controlled within 0.02mm.
4. The turret is servo driven, with large moving torque, fast acceleration and deceleration, accurate positioning and high efficiency.
5. The main shaft adopts rack and pinion transmission, with good rigidity and small resistance, which greatly increases energy efficiency and saves energy.
6. The position of vertical groove planer adopts servo numerical control positioning, double screw synchronous transmission, accurate positioning and good parallelism.
7. The rear positioning platform of the machine tool is connected by steel pipes to ensure the flatness of the plate surface and reduce the bad deformation of the plate surface.

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