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Choose the air plasma cutting machine, remember to see these points!

Choose the air plasma cutting machine, remember to see these points!


For  manual conversion to mechanical automatic operation, this is the obvious liberation of manpower process, the current technology is quite mature numerical cutting machine, enough to meet the needs of the boss, just grasp these points can be selected to fit their plant operation efficiency machine.

1, The selection of air plasma cutting machine, the most important to see the material, metal thickness determines the machine code rate selection. Each machine has a comparable cutting thickness range control, the machine selected cutting thickness is less than the working material, naturally can not reach the cutting through effect, cutting quality can not reach the guarantee, and work inefficient, time consuming not to say, the life of the machine itself is also a greater loss, and more resources, if the thickness of the cutting material, natural priority selection of low-power air plasma cutting machine, resource utilization, cutting efficiency. Look at the thickness of the material to choose the right power air plasma cutting machine, to ensure that you do more with less.

2, The operation of the machine and human operation has the same reason, can not continue to operate continuously, the rest is naturally there. For the air plasma cutting machine, remember to ensure that the duration of the machine’s workload, the load duration is the plasma cutter working to overheat to the continuous working time required cooling, this requires experienced people to combine the equipment specification for empirical operation.

3, Plasma-specific interference problems, most plasma cutting machines have arcs, the use of high frequency to guide the flow of current air, high frequency will be interference with the surrounding electronic equipment, so to eliminate these potential high-frequency problems of the start-up method is worth noting.

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