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Groove Cutting Machine Function

Groove Cutting Machine Function


Planer has become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Planer is related to people’s quality of life and promotes national finance. So what is a Groove Cutting Machine?
Function introduction of Groove Cutting Machine.
1. Adopt the most advanced diamond-coated tool, super cutting edge, so that stainless steel, iron, aluminum and aluminum profiles can be solved;

2. Stepless speed regulation spindle, rotary milling process, precise control of cutting quality, no deformation, no Hardening;

3. High-pressure cooling system, tool life is more durable;

4. Closed-loop control to ensure accuracy and say goodbye to lost steps;

5. The machine has high integration, automatic feeding and automatic grooving to achieve precision processing;

6. The operation is simple and easy to learn.

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