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Components of V Groove Machine

Components of Groove Machine


1. The input and output devices of the groove machine factory. It is an interactive device for machine tool  system and operator to exchange information and realize human-machine dialogue.
The function of the input device is to transform the numerical control code on the program carrier into a corresponding electrical pulse signal, which is transmitted into and stored in the numerical control device. At present, the input devices of the groove machine include a keyboard, a disk drive, a photoelectric reader, etc., and the corresponding program carriers are a disk and a perforated paper tape. The output device is a display, there are two kinds of CRT display or color liquid crystal display. The function of the output device is: the numerical control system provides the necessary information to the operator through the display. The displayed information can be the program being edited, coordinate values, and alarm signals.

2. Numerical control device. It is the core of the computer numerical control system and is composed of hardware and software. It receives the pulse signal from the input device. After the signal is compiled, calculated and processed by the system software or logic circuit of the numerical control device, it outputs various signals and instructions to control the various parts of the machine tool to make the specified and Sequenced action. The most basic signals among these control signals are the feed speed, feed direction and displacement command of each coordinate axis (ie, each executing part for feeding motion) (sent to the servo drive system to drive the executing part for feeding motion), There are also spindle speed, commutation and start and stop signals, tool command signals for selecting and exchanging tools, controlling the start and stop of coolant and lubricant, and controlling the loosening and clamping of workpieces and machine tool components. The numerical control device mainly includes a microprocessor (CPU), a memory, a local bus, a peripheral logic circuit, and an interface with other components of the system.

3. Programmable logic controller (PLC). Groove machine complete the control functions through PLC. Among them, mainly completes functions related to digital operations and management, such as part program editing, interpolation operations, decoding, position servo control of tool movement, etc. The PLC mainly completes some actions related to logical operations. It receives control codes M (auxiliary functions), S (spindle speed), T (tool selection, tool change) and other switching value operation information, and performs switching operation information. Decoding and converting into corresponding control signals to control the auxiliary device to complete the corresponding switching actions of the machine tool, such as the clamping of the workpiece, the replacement of the tool, the switching of the cooling fluid and other auxiliary actions. It also receives commands from the machine tool operation panel. On the one hand, it directly controls the actions of the machine tool (such as manual operation of the machine tool). On the other hand, it sends some commands to the numerical control device for the control of the machining process.

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