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Hydraulic Shearing machine operating procedures

Hydraulic Shearing machine operating procedures

1 Scope
This article applies to the operation of the company’s internal mechanical shearing machine and hydraulic steel angle shears.
2 Security
2.1 The surface of the motor and foot switch should be clean and no other objects are allowed in the periphery.
2.2 No objects are allowed in the workbench, blade and connecting rod, otherwise it must be removed before starting.
2.3 Workers must use labor protection products reasonably during the cutting operation to avoid scratching their hands and feet. Wear protective goggles when cutting aluminum.
2.4 The safety barrier on the shearing bed shall not be arbitrarily removed. After the equipment is repaired, all safety devices are installed before they can be produced.
3 Operation steps
3.1 Check before booting
3.1.1 Check whether the protective devices and components of each part of the shearing machine are firm and reliable, otherwise they should be adjusted.
3.1.2 Check whether the equipment and power switch, pedal clutch, brake are normal.
3.1.3 Check whether the gap can cut the thickness of the sheet. If the gap is re-adjusted, move it a few times by hand. After it is considered appropriate, the personnel must leave the blade opening to drive and test.
3.1.3 Check the lubrication of the sliding track of the shearing machine every shift, otherwise it should be lubricated.
3.2 Operation
3.2.1 When cutting the material, it should be cut several times without material. It is considered that the material can be trimmed after it is in normal operation.
3.2.2 Check the thickness of the material to be cut and test shear. It is strictly forbidden to cut the material beyond the shear thickness of the device identification.
3.2.3 Different materials (different thicknesses, different materials), it is not allowed to cut at the same time.
3.2.4 The operator’s hand is strictly prohibited from reaching into the knife guard plate and the danger zone.
3.2.5 When two or more people operate in combination, one person shall be assigned to be in charge of command. The commander must monitor the hands and other parts of all operators to leave the cutting danger zone before they can be operated by a special person or a foot switch.
3.2.6 After the pedal is cut once, the foot should leave the foot switch, and the foot pedal is not allowed to remain on the switch surface.
3.2.7 When the last cut of each piece of material is not allowed to be fed in front of the original blade, it must be fed in the backward direction (i.e., fed in front of the pressure plate).
3.2.8 If the transmission parts, fasteners are loose or other abnormal conditions are found during operation, equipment should be stopped immediately and reporting, check and repair. It is strictly forbidden to work with sickness.
3.2.9 When troubleshooting and repairing, the power supply should be cut off. And After the shearing machine is completely stopped, the maintenance card can be hung in the conspicuous place of the shearing machine. It is forbidden to carry out repairs while the equipment is in motion.
3.2.10 Do not pull the pieces under the shearing machine by hands, and remove them with a shovel or a large caliper.
3.2.11 After the work is completed, turn off the power, clean up the work site, and especially remind you that no objects are allowed on the work surface.
4 Maintenance
4.1 After each use, the remaining materials and waste must be cleaned up.
4.2 After the work is finished, clean the surface of the shearing machine and add a small amount of lubricating oil to the filling part for maintenance.
4.3 Regular equipment maintenance every weekend.

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