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Hydraulic Shearing Machine QC12K-6X2500 With Pneumatic back support

Hydraulic Shearing Machine QC12K-6X2500 With Pneumatic back support

Main Features

  1. Streamlined design originated from EU ( European Union), overall frame welding and annealing treatment.
  2. Germany Rexroth integrated hydraulic system, hydraulic drive, stable and reliable, integrated hydraulic system design, effectively prevent hydraulic oil leakage.
  3. Hydraulic swing beam shear is one kind of equipment through swinging the upper cutter to shear plate, smaller shear angle, reducing distortion, improving shearing quality.
  4. Motor adjusts the Backgauge through high precision ball screw; frequency convertor controls the position to prevent horizontal swinging.

Light align device, convenient for manual operation, pressure cylinder with built-in spring mechanism and completed with special material gasket under bottom end in case generating imprint on aluminum or other sensitive materials.

  1. Made by high-quality alloy tool steel, the machine can meet the impacting load and high wear resistance requirements when working.

Light and practical suspension arm, reference man-machine engineering design, easy to operate the numerical control interface, high precision and more comfortable.

  1. The worktable adopts the rolling steel ball to reduce the frictional resistance to protect the surface of workpieces, the novel protective devices all in line with the safety specifications, protects the operator’s personal safety, ingenious design, and petty material cutting can be done easily.
  2. Vertical alignment of the front bracket and front positioning device ensure the cutting accuracy, easy operation, practical and efficient.
  3. Rapid adjustment mechanism of Blade clearance, easy and quick stepless adjustment.

 Main functions:
● High-definition hydraulic display
● Control common motors and frequency converters
● X-axis intelligent positioning
● Multi-step programming, 40 programs, each program 25 steps
● Built-in time relay function
● One-button function switching
● Unilateral positioning function
● A key backup and restore of parameters
● Chinese and English

●Metric system

Specification Parameters:

No. Name Configuration Parameter QC12K 6×2500
1- Max Cutting Thickness <450N/mm2 mm 6
<700N/mm2 mm 4
2- Max Cutting Length ( A ) mm 2500
3- Throat Depth mm 145
4- Cutting Angle °(Degree) 1°30′
5- Blade Length mm 2600
6- Cutting Speed cuts/min 10~12
7- Backgauge Specification Travel mm 600
Speed mm / sec 180
8- Front Holder Quantity Number Pcs 3
Length mm 800
9- Motor Power Kw 7.5
10- Oil Tank Capacity L 220
11- Length ( A ) mm 3040
12- Width ( B ) mm 1610
13- Height ( H ) mm 1620
14- Weight Kg 5000

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