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Laser path inspection of laser mental cutting machine

Laser path inspection of laser mental cutting machine


The optical path system of the laser mental cutting machine is completed by the reflection of the mirror and the focusing of the focusing mirror. There is no offset problem of the focusing mirror in the optical path, but the three mirrors are fixed by the mechanical part, and the possibility of offset is more Large, although there is no deviation under normal circumstances, it is recommended that users always check whether the optical path is normal before working.
Every other week, check the lubrication of the X-axis guide rail and screw, Y-axis guide rail and screw, Z-axis guide rail and screw, to maintain the lubrication of each moving part, and extend the X, Y, Z-axis guide rail and screw Service life. b. Check the pollution of the surface of the reflector and focusing lens irregularly (at least once a month) depending on the environment of the workshop, and clean the optical lens in time to ensure its service life (see the maintenance of optical lens for details)
1. Periodically clean the debris from the exhaust port to ensure the effect of ventilation.
2. Regularly check the filter in the gas circuit, and remove the water and debris in the filter in time.
3. Periodically check whether the screws of the travel switch bracket and the striker bracket are loose.
4. The dust on the filter net of the ventilation fan of the electric control cabinet should be cleaned up in time to ensure good ventilation to facilitate the heat dissipation of the internal electrical components.
5. Clean the bed and clear the debris in the protective skin cavity of the guide rail in time to avoid damaging the guide rail and prolong the service life of the guide rail.
6. After the machine tool of the laser mental cutting machine is installed, use it for a period of time, the level of the machine tool should be readjusted to ensure the cutting accuracy of the machine tool
Therefore, when inspecting the optical path system of the laser mental cutting machine, it is necessary to strictly check in accordance with the correct way to avoid damage to the laser mental cutting machine equipment caused by the wrong inspection method. Of course, in order to better ensure the normal use of the equipment, in addition to checking the optical system of the equipment, all other aspects must be done a detailed inspection work.

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