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What software is used for laser mental cutting machine equipment

What software is used for laser mental cutting machine equipment


The metal mental laser cutting machine uses nesting software. The nesting software is mainly divided into several parts: drawing module, programming module, nesting module, correction module, and nc output module.

Laser mental cutting machine processing flow

The operation software of the laser metal cutting machine is as follows: use cad and other software to draw a picture of the part to be cut, and save it as a format that can be read and edited by the software used by the laser cutting machine, such as dxf format. Then process it in the “Setting Software”, set the material, and then convert it to the nc code corresponding to the laser cutting machine manufacturer, you can put the program on the laser cutting machine equipment for cutting.

Many people may not have touched the drawing software before purchasing the laser mental cutting machine, but the laser mental cutting machine needs to master certain drawing software and skills. Skilled use and operation of the laser cutting machine drawing software is essential.

What is the drawing software of the laser mental cutting machine

The drawing software used by laser mental cutting machine equipment is generally CAD, and some laser mental cutting machine users use SolidWorks and CAD according to the complexity of the processing file. Because the external processing customers have the need to change the drawings, it is just a good idea to draw the sketches in CAD. Complex drawings can be processed and produced by SolidWorks as long as they can be drawn and saved in DWG or DXF format! The laser cutting machine is pre-installed with the computer operating system and graphic recognition software when the device is shipped from the factory The drawings can be cut and processed, and the pre-installed software of the laser mental cutting machine equipment has AOTU CAD to open DWG, dxf and other format files. So in fact, the use of some software is very important, usually study a lot, it will not affect everyone’s future work efficiency.

When  laser metal cutting machine manufacturers sell equipment, they will train the operators of customers. General machine operation training can be started in a week or two. During the training, you should master a lot of knowledge. If you do n’t understand, you can consult laser mental cutting machine. After-sales service department of the machine manufacturer.

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