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Impact of laser metal cutting machine on metal

Impact of  laser metal cutting machine on metal


For the most part, metals can be laser-cutted using a laser mental cutting machine, but it has prerequisites. People must first grasp the characteristics of metals. The electrical conductivity characteristic is the obvious characteristic of the metal. Its main performance is that there are many unconstrained random electric charge (electric charge), and for the metal, this electric charge (electric charge) is a white electron. The device, the whole process of fitness exercise constitutes the current flow (Electron flow), so the conductivity of the metal will be very large, but even if there is a relative density of electric charge (enterprise: g / cm3 or kg / m3), In metal, the attenuation coefficient (attenuation) is also quickly reset to zero, so people can feel that the relative density of electric charge in the metal (enterprise: g / cm3 or kg / m3) is zero. In specific metals, the lattice constants or shortcomings of transmitting electronic devices and carrying out thermal oscillations will irreversibly convert the outgoing light wave energy into Joule heat energy if an impact occurs. Therefore, when the light wave in the laser mental cutting machine spreads in the metal, it will be obviously digested and absorbed by the metal. When the spotlight is irradiated to clean the clean metal surface, the free electrons present in the metal will be forced to cause vibration under the function of the electromagnetic field (definition: the field that transmits the magnetic field effect between the commodities), and then converted into secondary Wave, this secondary wave configuration will cause stronger reflected wave and poor scattered wave, then this scattered wave will be quickly digested and absorbed.

People can understand from the principle of physical optics (principle) that the refractive index of metal raw materials must be complex, so when the light wave is spread in the metal, the attenuation coefficient of the defined light wave amplitude to 1 / e of the surface amplitude The spreading distance in the case of the situation is to penetrate the deep layer, which is generally lower than the optical wavelength. If a raw material is fully transparent, its penetration must exceed its thickness. Therefore, the visible light wave only penetrates into the layer where the surface of the metal is too thin, so in general, the metal is not completely transparent.

The reflection of general metals on the efficacy of light waves is strong digestion and absorption and strong reflection. Strong digestion and absorption means that within the penetration deep layer of the order of light wavelength, the conductive electronic device in the metal converts the outgoing light wave energy into Joule heat energy, but because the penetration deep layer is not large, the electronic device’s The total kinetic energy of the mismatch is also very small. Strong reflection means that because the reflectivity of the surface of the skill book is much higher than that of a completely transparent medium, most of the exit kinetic energy is reflected by the metal surface. Various metals differ in their relative density of free electrons (enterprise: g / cm3 or kg / m3), and their ability to reflect light waves will also be different. Under normal circumstances, the greater the relative density of free electrons (enterprise: g / cm3 or kg / m3), the greater the conductivity, the higher the reflectance. Laser mental cutting machines are very harmful to metals. People should pay more attention here!

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