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Laser Mental Cutting Machine in the electronics industry

Laser Mental Cutting Machine in the electronics industry


With the continuous iteration of products in life, the manufacturing process behind it also changes. One of the very popular manufacturing processes is the use of laser mental cutting machine. Let us study the impact of laser cutting on the electronics industry.

1. Why use laser mental cutting machine in this industry?

The biggest reason why this technology is so widely used in the electronics industry is because it can cut small and complex parts. As the size of these parts gets smaller and smaller, it is crucial to get rid of traditional cutting methods that rely on the human eye.

Laser mental cutting machine is the solution. Its automated process can quickly switch between multiple applications and materials, can cut small parts with extremely high precision and accuracy, and can produce smooth surfaces and reliable end products.

In addition, because the process is a non-contact process, the thermal damage to the area around the electronic components is also minimal; it has lower maintenance costs, only requires cheap replacement parts, and consumes much less energy than other processes.

Finally, it is one of the safest cutting processes on the market. The laser sealed in the optical path cannot cause harm to the human body like various cutting props. This is essential when machining such small parts at such a fast speed.

2. How to use laser cutting?

(1) Cutting parts

Lasers are used to cut the components that make up the final product, such as plastics and metals that encapsulate mobile phones.
Whether it is the component itself or the composite material used, the laser is very suitable for processing many materials other than metals.

(2) Cutting USD card and printed circuit board

The electronics and semiconductor industries are closely related. Whether it is a multi-layer circuit board, a flexible circuit board or other types of circuit boards, laser mental cutting machine is a highly adaptable process that can handle a variety of parts and products.

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