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Main features of Victaulic V Grooving Machine

Main features of Victaulic Grooving Machine

1. Equipped with a 25-horsepower KOHLER (Cole) twin-cylinder gasoline engine, super power can accelerate the construction speed and construction efficiency, avoid uneven gouging or breakage;
2. Equipped with KOHLER’s patented technology dual element purifier and three-stage air filter device, the filter system adopts double-layer filter device and rotary disc filter to increase the air purity, prevent the engine from inhaling dust, and reduce the engine wear Effectively extend engine life;
3. 25HP Kohler engine with OHV (fixed intake valve) provides smooth power and reduces vibration.
4. The emergency stop switch of the quick stop system can effectively protect the operator. Press the stop switch lightly, the engine is turned off, and the tool stops rotating within 4 seconds.
5. 60w lighting lamp can be used for safe construction in dark weather;
6. Advanced maintenance-free batteries of imported brands have a longer life span and can be recharged during work, which is more worry-free, durable and faster;
7. The electric push rod can be used to adjust the lifting of the grooving tool; the grooving depth indicator enables the construction personnel to control the grooving depth as required, and the 12V DC button-type control switch can adjust the grooving depth.

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