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Plasma cutting machine failure problems and corresponding solutions

Plasma cutting machine failure problems and corresponding solutions

1. The Plasma cutting machine does not work:

① The system software limit is in place,

② The cutting machine hits the limit,

③ The motor wire falls off,

④ The driver alarms (plasma power supply interference, need to be grounded),

⑤ The emergency stop is turned off (need to turn on the emergency stop)

2. The driver alarms:

① Whether the polarity of the DC power supply is wrongly connected;

② Whether the power supply voltage is too high;

③ Is there a short circuit between the winding wires of the motor, and whether the power supply and the winding are short-circuited; Reasonable;

⑤ Whether the plug is plugged with power;

⑥ The use environment of the driver;

⑦ Whether the control signal level is high;

⑧ The interference of the machine.

3. The plasma cutting machine is out of synchronization:

whether the gear and rack bite is loose, the screws are tightened, the line is loose (15 feet), the slider screw is loose, the driver is normal, and the slider should be replaced.

4. When there are too many cuttings, go back and back several times and then do not follow the original cutting trajectory:

press back to parameter-select section-find the piercing point-and then continue cutting.

5. The size cut by the plasma cutting machine is not correct:

①Whether the driver alarms / codes incorrectly

②Block (interference)

③Whether the bearing is damaged

6. The motor is not running normally:

① The driver alarms, it is broken / the plasma machine has high-frequency interference grounding;

② The bearing is broken;

③ The motor is broken;

④ Whether the driver dial code is correct; whether the driver green light is on, whether the driver AC wiring is firm, Is there a 380V output

⑤ 220V missing items



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