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Plasma Cutting Machine Features

Plasma cutting machine features

1. Adopt 100% imported power device and high reliability control circuit, the cutting current is stable;
2. The main transformer adopts advanced soft ferrite material, with small loss, high conversion efficiency and energy saving;
3. With various protection functions, the welding machine is reliable and durable;
4. It has excellent high-frequency arc starting performance, the cutting arc is stable and concentrated, the cutting seam is smooth and smooth, and it can be eliminated from processing;
5. Strong ability to resist grid fluctuations, reaching ± 20%;
6. Small size, light weight, light and portable, especially suitable for mobile operations;
7. The operation is safe, the cutting speed can reach several times of gas cutting, and the running cost is only 1/3 of gas cutting;
8. Can be used to cut stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals;
9. Applicable to the processing of metal materials in construction, vehicle manufacturing, chemical industry, food, medicine, environmental protection, decoration and other industries.

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