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Clause selection rules of Plasma Cutting Machine

Clause selection rules of Plasma Cutting Machine


Everyone has their own views on the purchase of plasma cutting machines. As a manufacturer of various cutting machines, Nanjin Klaus should say that it is correct to choose to meet the production needs. A few selection rules for Jiangsu plasma cutting machines, Let’s take a look.

First,The factor to be determined is the thickness of the metal to be cut. If you usually cut thin metal, you must first consider using a low-current Changzhou plasma cutting machine. Even if a small machine cuts a certain thickness of metal, the cutting quality may not be guaranteed. On the contrary, the effect of cutting through may not be obtained, and it will also There are residual useless metal residues. Each machine has a set of comparable cutting thickness ranges to ensure that the settings are suitable for your requirements;

Second, if you want to cut or automatically set the cutting, make sure to reflect the duration of the machine’s workload. The load duration is just the continuous working time before the device works to overheat and needs to be cooled;

Third, most plasma cutting machines have a guide arc, which uses high frequency to guide the current through the air. However, high frequencies can interfere with surrounding electronic equipment, so a start-up method that can eliminate these potential high-frequency problems may be very beneficial;

Fourth, there are various external parts on the plasma torch that need to be replaced. The machine you are looking for should use fewer consumables. Reduced supply means lower costs.

Although everyone has their own set of methods for the selection of Changzhou plasma cutting machines, it is good to meet the production needs. Customers who need help are welcome to contact Changzhou Lixin Senmiao for discussion.

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