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Improvement of hydraulic system structure of CNC V Groover

Improvement of hydraulic system structure of CNC V Groover


In the process of controlling the hydraulic system of the CNC V groover, attention should be paid to the use of low-noise hydraulic components. After research, it is found that the old hydraulic pumps are mostly plunger pumps or gear pumps, and their noise oscillation and noise are related to the vane pump It is much larger and the additional pressure is also very high. Therefore, plunger pumps or gear pumps are still used in the hydraulic systems of many CNC machine tools.

In response to this situation, it is necessary to adjust the extra pressure of the vane pump. At least the extra pressure of the CNC V groover should be kept at about 20MPa to reduce vibration and noise. Second, control the number of hydraulic pumps. After research, it is found that when the number of hydraulic pumps is reduced, the vibration and noise will also be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to control the number of hydraulic pumps.

In the traditional hydraulic system, multiple hydraulic pumps are used to adjust the flow and pressure. In order to ensure the flow and pressure of the hydraulic pump, the pressure and flow can be adjusted in proportion to reduce the number of hydraulic pumps. Furthermore, during the use of the accumulator, noise is likely to appear under the effect of pressure pulsation. In order to reduce noise, the accumulator can be used. Although the capacity of the accumulator is small, its inertia is relatively small and the response is also very good. Actively, in the process of using the accumulator, the frequency of the accumulator should be controlled at about tens of hertz in order to reduce the pressure pulsation.

In addition, do a good job of setting the vibration absorber and filter. Generally, there are many methods for the vibration absorber. The vibration absorbers that can be used include high-frequency pressure vibration absorbers and micro-perforated liquid vibration absorbers. The common filters in practical use are hydraulic filters. The use of these devices can reduce the vibration and noise of the CNC slotting machine.

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