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Pressure control circuit of sheet rolling machine

Pressure control circuit of sheet rolling machine


Sheet rolling machine pressure control circuit is to use the pressure control valve to control the pressure in the pipeline in the hydraulic system to meet the requirements of the actuator (pressure cylinder or hydraulic motor) to drive the load.
The working pressure of the hydraulic system must be compatible with the load. When the hydraulic system uses a quantitative pump to supply oil, the working pressure of the liquid point pump can be adjusted by the overflow valve; when more than two pressures are required in the system, a multi-stage pressure regulating circuit can be used to meet different pressure requirements.
(1) Single-stage voltage regulator circuit
A single-stage voltage regulator circuit. The system is fed by a fixed pump, and a throttle valve is used to adjust the period of entering the hydraulic cylinder, so that the piston can obtain the required speed of movement. The output flow of the fixed pump is greater than the flow into the hydraulic cylinder, that is, only part of the oil enters the hydraulic cylinder, and the excess oil flows back to the tank through the overflow valve. At this time, the relief valve is in a state of constant bravery, and the output pressure of the pump is always equal to the set pressure of the relief valve.
(2) Remote voltage regulator and two-stage voltage regulator circuit                                                                                                                                                                                       Connect the remote pressure regulating valve 2 to the remote control port of the pilot-type main relief valve 1. The outlet pressure can be adjusted remotely by the remote pressure regulating valve. Here, the remote pressure regulating valve 2 is only used for regulating the pressure of the system. As for the pilot valve of the main relief valve, most of the oil still overflows from the main relief valve. The structure and working principle of the remote pressure regulating valve are basically the same as the pilot valve in the relief valve. During remote pressure regulation, the pilot valve in valve 1 is closed.

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