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Horizontal V Grooving Machine

RAS-1250X4000 Horizontal V Grooving Machine,Stainless Steel V grooving machine

RAS-1250X4000 Horizontal V Grooving Machine,Stainless Steel V grooving machine

Excellent V Groover,Perfect speed:

KRRASS Horizontal V Grooving Machine,It can be slotted, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum and a series of plates.

The RAS series slotting machine is jointly developed and produced by KRRASSS engineers and experts from French BUK Machinery Company.The machine is of good quality and can complete exquisite slotting.

Horizontal V Grooving Machine


Main Features:

1.RAS Series grooving machine base,beam are adopted frame structure design,the workbench use 60mmQ345 low alloy and high strength steel plate,sturdy and durable.

2.The tool body adopts natural air tempering,eliminate welding stress to reduce equipment transformations,though sandblasting to ensure paint excellent.

3.RAS grooving machine adopts precise copper gear and rack drive,supplemented by heavy duty linear guide rail on Taiwan HIWIN linear guide,moving rapid can alterling frequency adjustment,smooth and efficient in cutting process. The first level drive of the motor adopts the triangle belt drive, because the tension of the triangle belt reduces the impact force during emergency stop and emergency return, it ensures the flexible operation , prolongs the serive life of the machine .

4.The tool carrier transfer device of RAS grooving machine uses SFSR mute ball screw and QH mute guide rail to ensure high accuracy.

5.RAS grooving machine parts with hydraulic clamping system fixed, grooving speed and ensure strong clamping. Add to accumulate compensation and overflow valve for Hydraulic system, motor clearance work,save energy and the hydraulic system safe.

6.RAS grooving machine uses four knives to process “V” groove,so cutting quality is balanced,reducing workpieces transformation.And The micro cooling system is also selected to extend the service life of the tool and reduce the production cost.

7.RAS grooving machine longitudinal and lateral processing,and with a process to achieve the plate “positive and negative” processing function.RAS grooving machine can process.

8.Using this grooving machine only input keyboard and processing procedures can be completed. Accroding to operator and different materials ,the use of knobs to adjust the processing speed, easy to operate.

9.Through the display screen can understand the processing process. Use sensors to keep operators safe.

10.When the equipment is abnormal, alarm information appears on the display screen, which is easy to repair.

11.When use the grooving machine processing only in the delivery and removal of the workpiece need human, so can save labor.

12..RAS grooving machine surface with self-repair function in the use of the process, the customer can according to their own requirements since the plane table, to ensure the processing accuracy.

No. Model RAS-1250X4000
1 Machining Capacity Plate Material STS-304 & Q235
Length 4000mm
Width 1250mm
Thickness 0.6mm-4mm(Metal sheet Flatness<3mm)
Minimum Edge 8mm
2 CNC Specifics Control Type 3-axes CNC Control(Y1、Y2、Z)
 Display 10-inch High Definition Color Display
 Memory Capacity 20-groups, 112 lines/group(Expandable by adding SD Card )
Transmission Way Ball Screw/Linear Guide Rail/Gear and Rack
3 Machining Speed  Crossbeam Forward-cutting(X-axis) 60m/min(Adjustable)
 Return Stroke(X-axis) 55m/min
Cutter Holders(Y1&Y2-axes) 20m/min
Cutter Holder(Z-axis)Up and Down 20m/min
4 Machining Precision Crossbeam(Y-axis) Precision 0.01mm
Crossbeam(Y-axis) Max.Travel 1250mm
Cutter Holder(Z-axis) Precision 0.01mm
Cutter Holder(Z-axis) Max. Travel 50mm
5 Driving Way Crossbeam(X-axis) 5.5KW Servo Motor
Z-axis 1KW Servo Motor
Cutter Holders(Y1&Y2-axes) 1KW Servo Motor X2pcs
6 Clamping Mechanism Hydraulic System 8-12Mpa
7 Outline Dimension  Length 5800mm
Width 2380mm
 Height 1580mm
 Weight 8200KG
8 Worktable Flatness ±0.02mm/m
9 Work Video https://youtu.be/UfOQcaFgFmY

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