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The advantages of the Victaulic Grooving Machine in the same kind of goods

The advantages of the Victaulic Grooving Machine in the same kind of goods


Nowadays, the router is needed in many places, so where is the hardware of the router? First of all, the hydraulic pump of the planer is imported, and the colleagues used the coaxial double pump.
There is also a system of independent liquid for the pressure plate and clamp.The pressure and speed of the Victaulic grooving machine are adjustable separately.The computer centrally controls the work of the pressure plate and clamp.The oil pump motor starts only when pressing and clamping. 50% of the product is suitable for various specifications, high-density board V / U-shaped slot.
1. The victaulic grooving machine feeds in both directions, and the cardboard slotting process is completed in parallel and horizontal directions.
2. Adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, the working table can be adjusted up and down to make the operation more convenient.
3. The characteristics of this machine are the advantages of high precision, fast speed, small model and convenient operation.
4.slots on the reverse side to make the paper dust fall under the table, and use the suction mechanism to suck the paper dust into the cloth bag to keep the working environment good.
5.the compact body of the stainless steel planer is beautiful and generous, fast, and in line with the relevant standards of packaging.

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