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Max laser 8000W breakthrough 25mm carbon steel surface cutting

Max laser 8000W breakthrough 25mm carbon steel surface cutting

With the increase of plate thickness, it is necessary to realize bright surface cutting not only with the support of high-power laser, but also with advanced cutting technology for parameter debugging, including the selection of nozzle and the position of focus, which will affect the cutting effect.At present, by optimizing the laser spot distribution and beam quality, and controlling the nozzle heating, The New Laser has made another major technical breakthrough in cutting the bright surface of carbon steel. It has realized the cutting of 25mm carbon steel with smooth section and smaller taper by 8000W fiber laser (the measured single side taper is within 0.05mm).

This process was displayed at the terminal site of Chuangxin laser integrator. Chuangxin laser 8000W multi-mode continuous fiber laser was used to perform full-bright cutting of 25mm carbon steel, with a speed of 0.9m/min. The cutting efficiency was 63.6% higher than the traditional process, and the cutting stability was greatly improved.

Laser used: 8000W multimode continuous fiber laser


1.High power and high quality laser output, high electro-optical conversion efficiency;

2.Few binding modules, stable performance;

3.The beam quality is excellent and the cutting section quality is good.

4.Widely used, compatible with welding and cutting, can be used in hardware, medical, automotive, shipping, aviation, construction machinery and other fields.

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