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How to maintain and use the roll bending machine correctly?

How to maintain and use the roll bending machine correctly?


1. The operator should understand the structure and performance of the roll bending machine, be familiar with the operation method of the control system and the bending process of the workpiece, and strictly observe the safety operation matters.

2. Before driving and stopping, all buttons of the electronic control system must be placed in their original positions.

3. During the trial process, the oil supply at each lubrication point should be checked frequently. The oil supply at the dry oil point should be sufficient, and the reducer should maintain the specified oil level.

4. During the operation, if irregular noise, impact or swing are found, stop and overhaul immediately.

5. In the trial project, the transmission mechanism and connection parts should be checked frequently to ensure that there is no looseness or damage.

6. It is not allowed to roll the welded steel without shoveling or straightening directly on the machine.

7. The plate must be perpendicular to the center line of the roller when it enters the formal bending.

The roll bending machine is a shaping machine tool that continuously bends the sheet material. It plays a very important role in industrial production. If there is no roll bending machine, it will cause a lot of work to lag seriously. I believe that after understanding the above knowledge, you will not hesitate to choose our products.

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