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Dealing with the problem of overloading CNC plasma cutting machine

Dealing with the problem of overloading CNC plasma cutting machine


The loss of electrode cutting nozzle of CNC plasma cutting machine has always been a sensitive problem of many enterprises. Based on the years of experience of enterprise field service of Science Pioneer Company, it is not normal for the cutting nozzle loss of many companies to be too large. The operation of the problem of excessive wear of the cutting nozzle is organized as follows, and several solutions are proposed for the operation of the above problem.
1. The cutting thickness exceeds
When purchasing a CNC cutting machine, the manufacturer will choose the appropriate plasma power supply and cutting nozzle model according to the processing needs of the enterprise. This is not only to reduce procurement costs, but also to achieve the cutting effect. But after many companies purchase the cutting machine, due to business adjustment or negligent operation, the thickness of the material they cut will exceed the allowable range of the power supply and the cutting nozzle, which will have a greater impact on the electrode cutting nozzle and plasma power supply. Generally speaking, the cutting machine cannot perforate the steel plate that exceeds its working thickness. The usual perforation thickness is 1/2 of the normal cutting thickness. For example: 100A plasma system is set to cut 1 inch (about 25mm) of carbon steel, then the thickness of the perforation of the system should be 0.5 inch (about 12.5mm).
2. Cutting nozzle overload
Many companies like to turn the current intensity of the power supply to the right when using the CNC plasma cutting machine. Even if the thickness of the cutting material does not reach the upper limit of the plasma power cutting, but to improve the cutting speed and efficiency, it is still 100% current intensity work This will overload the electrode nozzle (that is, exceed the working current of the nozzle) and cause the nozzle to be damaged quickly. Generally speaking, the current intensity should be 95% of the nozzle current. For example, the current intensity of the 100 nozzle should be set to 80-60A.

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