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Standard 7 principles for judging the quality of CNC plasma cutting machine

Standard 7 Principles for Judging the Quality of CNC plasma cutting machine


Several of the norms commonly used to evaluate the quality of the processing in the actual CNC plasma cutting machine are:

1 cut width. The cut width has a lot to do with the diameter of the flame beam and the beam pattern, and the smaller the cut width for the metal’s CNC plasma cutting machine, the better its cutting quality.

2 The roughness of the cut surface. There are many parameters of appearance roughness, for the general CNC plasma cutting machine, the main choice of appearance micro-uneven ten-point height Rz or arithmetic average deviation Ra can be

3 cut slag thickness. Hanging slag thickness is very intuitive to reflect the quality of CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine purposes to obtain the slag-free cut.

4 Cut stripes. No matter what auxiliary gas is used, the cutting strip will occur on the outside of the cut, the thinner the stripe, the shallower the stripe depth, the better the cutting quality.

5 Heat impact zone width. The width of the thermal impact zone is also an important indicator of cutting quality.

6 Cut edge verticality and slope. Good cutting quality requires good verticality of the cutting edge and smooth cut surface.

7 flatness.

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