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Failure analysis of CNC plasma cutting machine during operation

Failure analysis of CNC plasma cutting machine during operation

1. Working air pressure is too low: When the CNC plasma cutting machine is working, if the working air pressure is far lower than the air pressure required by the manual, this means that the plasma arc ejection speed is weakened, and the input air flow is less than the required value. , High-speed plasma arc, resulting in poor incision quality, imperviousness, and incision accumulation. The reasons for insufficient air pressure are: insufficient air input to the air compressor. The air regulator valve of the cutting machine has too low pressure regulation, there is oil in the solenoid valve, and the air path is not smooth. Therefore, it is necessary to check one by one from these aspects and find problems and improve in time.

2. Working air pressure is too high: If the input air pressure is too high, after the plasma arc is formed, the excessive air flow will blow off the concentrated arc column, disperse the energy of the arc column, and weaken the cutting strength of the plasma arc. The main reasons are: improper input air conditioning, excessive adjustment of the air filter pressure reducing valve or failure of the air filter pressure reducing valve.

3. Improper installation of consumable parts such as electrode nozzles: if the electrode nozzle has threads, it needs to be tightened in place. Improper installation of the nozzle, such as the screw is not tightened, and the installation of the vortex ring is not standardized, will cause unstable cutting and damage the wearing parts too quickly.

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