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V Groove machine Fof sheet metal technology trends

V Groove machine Fof sheet metal technology trends

    The research of the groove machine has produced many different trends, and various types of technology have also deepened the maturity and application of the technology. Let me talk about the technical trends:
The research and development and production of groove machine tools will show the following trends, and the compound processing technology is more widely used.The new compound processing machine tools such as turning milling and milling and turning machine tools, turning and grinding machine tools, gear processing compound machine tools, groove machine, turning and milling machine tools Shaft linkage combined with machine tools and other products continue to emerge, heavy-duty machine tools add multi-function accessories and turntables, etc., the trend of composite processing is obvious, metal cutting and special processing have made new progress, and laser, electrical processing and cutting processing composite technologies have matured. Product promotion and application.
The promotion and application of stainless steel processing technology will have an important impact on the production process of multiple varieties and small batches.The application speed of direct drive technology is accelerating. Due to the progress of power electronics and technology, as well as linear motors, torque motors, electric spindles, grating detection and other components Mature, the application of direct drive technology in stainless steel slotting machine is accelerating, the new products of many foreign machine tool companies have used linear motor drive. The application of direct drive technology will greatly promote the structural change and performance improvement of machine tools.
Micro-manufacturing technology budding micro-manufacturing refers to a high-efficiency, green, high-precision micro-manufacturing new technology for processing various micro parts in shapes.

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