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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Processing Standards

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Processing Standards


Today’s continuous improvement of cutting technology is a brighter and broader road for the development of the industry! Among various cutting methods, plasma cutting has a wider cutting range and higher efficiency than general gas cutting. This prompted the plasma cutting technology to gradually develop from manual or semi-automatic to CNC direction, and became one of the main directions of the development of CNC plasma cutting technology. With the improvement of CNC plasma cutting technology in recent years, many domestic manufacturers have begun to develop and produce CNC plasma cutting equipment on their own, but as far as practical applications are concerned, their quality is still high or low, and the specific reflection is on the cutting quality. Smoothness, cut surface smoothness, slit width, cutting error, etc. will all be different. In order to facilitate the user’s selection of plasma cutting equipment, Hongniu Xiaobian gives a few standard instructions on the quality of plasma cutting incisions.

The incision produced by a high-quality CNC plasma cutting machine should have a narrow width, a rectangular cross-section, a smooth cut surface, no slag or hanging slag, and the surface hardness of the incision should not hinder the machining after cutting.

When we measure the quality of the incision, we also mainly evaluate the width of the incision, the verticality of the incision, the roughness of the surface of the incision, the depth of the incision, the bottom of the incision and the hardness and width of the heat affected zone of the incision. The surface quality of plasma arc cutting is between oxy-acetylene cutting and band saw cutting. When the thickness of the plate is more than 100mm, due to the melting of more metal at a lower cutting speed, a rough cut is often formed.

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