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The cause of the soft failure of the Plasma Cutting Machine

The cause of the soft failure of the Plasma Cutting Machine


The soft failure of the plasma cutting machine is caused by improper operation and debugging. Most of these failures occur in the early stages of using plasma cutting machines or the adjustment period of equipment users. For plasma cutting machines, the servo unit is another place that is prone to failure. Because the movement of each axis is achieved by the servo unit controlling the servo motor to drive the gear. The rotary encoder is used for speed feedback, and the motor positioning is used for position feedback. Generally, the place where failures are prone to occur is the drive module of the rotary encoder and the servo unit. Power supply can also cause some system confusion. Especially suitable for systems with computer hard drives to save data.

In the feed drive system of the plasma cutting machine, the role of the guide rail is to support and guide the moving parts to perform reciprocating linear movement in a given direction. If the guide rail of the plasma cutting machine fails, measures should be taken in time.

There are several ways to repair the failure of the plasma cutting machine guide:

1. Adjust the gap between the wedge-shaped rod and the support plate to reduce the friction between the support plate and the guide rail and improve the movement accuracy;

2. Adjust the preload, adjust the loose part, eliminate the transmission gap, etc., which can improve the transmission accuracy;

3. Paste the plastic rail to ensure that the plastic rod is intact;

4. The gap between the guide rail and the guide rail should not be stolen, and must have good protective devices;

5. The static pressure guide rail should have a set of oil supply system with good filtering effect;

6. Lubricate each moving part timely, quantitatively and accurately.

A lot of tips often appear in the plasma cutting machine, but these tips may cause our daily work is not smooth, so if you encounter problems during the work, please keep your head clear to solve the problem. We encountered very well.

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