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Acceptance standard for CNC V grooving machine

Acceptance standard for CNC V grooving machine


When the CNC V grooving machine accepts the machine tool, it is completed once after the machine tool is fine-tuned.It is not allowed to adjust one test item.The position accuracy test should be carried out according to the corresponding accuracy acceptance standard.The working accuracy of the machine tool is a comprehensive accuracy, which not only reflects The geometric accuracy and position accuracy of the machine tool also include errors caused by various factors such as the material of the test piece, ambient temperature, tool performance, and cutting conditions.

The acceptance of CNC V grooving machine tools is generally accepted in two stages.

1. The purpose of the pre-acceptance is to check, verify whether the machine tool can meet the user’s processing quality and productivity, check the information provided by the supplier, and spare parts. The supplier can only after the machine tool has passed the normal operation trial cut and passed the inspection to produce qualified processed parts. Perform pre-acceptance.

2. Final acceptance According to the acceptance criteria, the technical indicators provided on the certificate are determined, and the acceptance work is divided into the following steps

1. Unpacking inspection.

2. Visual inspection.

3. Acceptance of machine tool performance and CNC function.

4. The acceptance of CNC V grooving machine tool precision.

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