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Development trend of roll forming machine

Development trend of roll forming machine


1. As China’s chemical industry, boilers, pressure vessels and other industries expand to large-scale, the positive processing objects of the plate rolling machine are large, extra-large horizontal three-roller coils such as thick plates, extra thick plates, high strength plates, composite plates, etc. Development direction. At the same time, due to short remaining straight edges, material saving, forming accuracy, and high efficiency, large four-roller roll forming machine have also been developed.

2. Adopt the coiling machine as the main processing equipment to realize the complete set configuration, so as to provide customers with an overall solution. For example, the overall solution of wind power tower tube forming is equivalent.

3. The rapid development of oil tank trucks, oil storage tanks and other industries requires the development of roll forming machine towards thin edges, extra-long type, multi-curvature and numerical control.

4. Taking roll forming machine as the center, forming a flexible processing unit for roll forming machine is an important direction for future development.

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