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Correct use method of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Correct use method of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


Nowadays, many plasma cutting machines are processed by CNC, which is very simple and convenient to use and operate. However, the use of CNC plasma cutting machines is not standardized when they are used. At the same time, insufficient attention is paid to some details, which leads to unstable cutting quality. , Frequent replacement of wearing parts, the following editor summarizes several correct methods of using CNC plasma cutting machine, I hope to help everyone.

Reduce unnecessary “arc starting (or arc guiding)” time: the nozzle and electricity consumption are very fast when starting the arc. Before starting, the cutting torch should be placed within the walking distance of the cutting metal.

Cutting should start from the edge: cut from the edge as much as possible, not perforated. Using the edge as the starting point will extend the life of the consumables. The correct method is to directly point the nozzle at the edge of the workpiece and then start the plasma arc.

Do not overload the nozzle: overloading the nozzle (that is, over the working current of the nozzle) will quickly damage the nozzle. The current intensity should be 95% of the working current of the nozzle. For example: 100A nozzle current intensity should be set to 95.

The thickness of the perforation should be within the allowable range of the machine system: the cutting machine cannot perforate the steel plate with the working thickness. The usual perforation thickness is 1/2 of the normal cutting thickness.

Use reasonable cutting distance: According to the requirements of the instruction manual, use a reasonable cutting distance, which is the distance between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the workpiece. height.

Keep the torch and consumables as clean as possible: any dirt on the torch and consumables will greatly affect the function of the plasma system. When replacing consumables, place them on a clean flannel, always check the connection ribs of the torch, and clean the electrical contact surfaces and nozzles with a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner.

In summary, basically as long as we can correctly use and operate the CNC plasma cutting machine, we can greatly reduce the replacement of wearing parts, while maintaining the cutting quality, directly improving the economic benefits of production. CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturer, the beam adopts a wide-body reinforced box structure with good stability.

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