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Fiber laser cutting machine to avoid cutting discontinuous measures

Fiber laser cutting machine to avoid cutting discontinuous measures


1. To solve the problem of fiber laser cutting machine discontinuity, the reason for the cutting discontinuity should be solved. For the cutting discontinuity caused by programming errors, the designer must have a high professional quality. Carefully check in the process of preparing the cutting program to avoid error.

2. For the problem of discontinuous cutting caused by the replacement of auxiliary gas, after the accumulation of actual operation experience, when replacing the gas bottle and cutting again, we must reduce the cutting speed to 5% of the normal cutting speed, and press the start key and Speed up key to continue cutting.

3. When the fiber laser cutting machine suddenly stops and restarts during the work, the cutting point interface will also be discontinuous, so in actual work, strictly follow the instructions to avoid the fiber laser cutting machine from stopping due to wrong operation.

Whether it is carbon steel, stainless steel, or titanium alloy material, the cutting trajectory can be continuous through these several methods, so that the workpieces are completely connected, with high precision and quality.

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