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What are the safe control measures for the rolling machine?

What are the safe control measures for the rolling machine?


Through investigation, it is found that the rolling machine is developing rapidly, the application is very wide, and the field involved is very wide, which brings a lot of help and convenience to our life and production. But at the same time, any kind of equipment will have some failures when it is used for a long time, and the equipment is no exception. It sometimes has the phenomenon of risk factors, which requires us to solve. The following is based on this phenomenon. You give a detailed introduction and hope to help you. Next please read the following articles:
There are many common risk factors of the rolling machine. Only when the control measures of the rolling machine are completed, can we open the working equipment in an orderly manner and be firmly grounded. The lighting uses safe voltage to avoid faulty wiring. The wedge pin can not protrude from the outside, and follow the operation rules. Use special tools and goggles to protect the eyes.
Tail security equipment and material racks are provided to ensure that the plates meet the requirements. The parts are firmly clamped. Repair the safety protection and protection equipment of the rolling machine in time, and check it regularly. Qualified grinding wheel is selected and the card is installed reasonably. Strengthen the inspection, put an end to the violation of regulations, wear labor protection equipment, and always pay attention to personal safety.
During the production of plates by the rolling machine, if you do not pay attention, or if the operation is not up to standard, some risk factors may be presented, and we must do a good job of manipulating these factors, and implement corresponding measures to ensure that the work is smooth and orderly Proceed. Based on the principle of three-point rounding, we can all preventively control the risk factors.

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