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Six characteristics of Groover machine

Six characteristics of Groove machine


The six features of the Groove machine can be simply divided into small footprint, precise location, stable and reliable, simple parameter setting, etc.
Performance characteristics:
1. The plate is fixed on the worktable, the beam moves, the loading and unloading is convenient, the positioning accuracy is high, and the floor space is small;
2. The movement of the spindle is driven by a servo motor, which is fast and stable, and the length of the groove is set accurately;
3. Equipped with bilateral pressure and end pressure device, hydraulic clamping, adjustable pressure, stable and reliable;
4. Man-machine dialogue interface, simple parameter setting, wide user technology storage capacity;
5. Automatic execution of procedures and automatic alarm diagnosis of faults;
6. The machine is equipped with a blank collecting hopper and drawer, which is convenient for cleaning.

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