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Several factors affecting the effect of plasma cutting machine

Several factors affecting the effect of plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed and small cutting seam in the cutting process, but many user companies often have a variety of problems in the actual operation process, resulting in limited actual cutting speed, too large cutting seam, cutting surface Phenomenon such as irregularity, excluding the mechanical failure of the plasma cutting machine and other factors, the user enterprise does not correctly set the relevant parameters of the plasma cutting machine in the operation will also affect the actual cutting effect, the following will summarize the impact of the plasma cutting machine with practical experience All aspects of the effect, communicate with the majority of user companies:

1. Cutting current

Increasing the cutting current can also increase the power of the plasma arc, but it is limited by the maximum allowable current, otherwise it will make the plasma arc column thicker, the slit width increases, and the electrode life will decrease.

2. Electrode shrinkage

The so-called shrinkage refers to the distance between the electrode and the end surface of the cutting nozzle. The appropriate distance can make the arc be well compressed in the cutting nozzle, and obtain a plasma arc with high energy concentration and high temperature for effective cutting. If the distance is too large or too small, the electrode will be seriously burned, the cutting nozzle will burn out and the cutting ability will be reduced. The amount of shrinkage is generally 8-11mm.

 3. No-load voltage and arc column voltage

Plasma cutting machine power supply must have a sufficiently high no-load voltage in order to easily start the arc and make the plasma arc burn steadily. The no-load voltage is generally 120-600V, and the arc column voltage is generally half of the No-load voltage. Increasing the voltage of the arc column can significantly increase the power of the plasma arc, and thus can increase the cutting speed and cut metal plates of greater thickness. The arc column voltage is often not achieved by adjusting the gas flow rate and increasing the electrode shrinkage, but the arc column voltage cannot exceed 65% of the no-load voltage, otherwise the plasma arc will be unstable.

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