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The content of the safety technology of ironworker machine

The content of the safety technology of ironworker machine


1. Operators of machinery and equipment must be in good health and pass professional training and examinations. Only after obtaining the operation certificate or operation certificate issued by the relevant department, can they operate independently. Students must be under the guidance of the master.
2. During mechanical operation, the operator shall not leave the work position without authorization or give the machine to the non-local operator for operation. It is strictly forbidden for irrelevant personnel to enter the operation area and operation room. When you work, you must concentrate your thoughts, and it is strictly forbidden to drink.
3. Both mechanical operators and cooperating personnel must wear labor protection equipment as required, and long hair must not be exposed. Hard-soled shoes and slippers are not allowed.
4. The machinery and equipment that perform two or more shifts per day must implement the handover shift system. The operator should fill in the handover record carefully.
5. Before starting, you should check the lubrication and tightening of each part. The cutter must not have gaps. After starting, it will idle for 1 to 2 minutes to confirm normal operation before starting.
6. The thickness of the shearing steel plate shall not exceed the capacity specified by the ironworker machine. When cutting a narrow plate, a wider steel plate should be pressed on the plate to be cut, so that when the vertical pressing device falls, the plate to be cut can be firmly pressed.
7. The gap between the upper and lower cutters should be adjusted according to the thickness of the shearing plate. The clearance between the cutters should not be greater than 5% of the thickness of the plate.
8. The braking device should be adjusted in time according to the wear.

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