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How can we ensure safety when the plate rolling machine is in operation?

How can we ensure safety when the plate rolling machine is in operation?


Before operating, the operator should organize the surroundings of the operation environment to maintain a good operating environment. At the same time, the operator must be neatly dressed to avoid winding the corners of the clothes into the plate rolling machine during the operation process. It must be noted that the operator can only stand on both sides of the workpiece to make a reasonable position. If you need to adjust the measurement size roundness during the operation, then you must stop the operation and prohibit operation during the operation. A certain margin should be left at the end of the processed parts.

During the process of measuring the roundness of the size, it is forbidden for the operator to stand on the rolled cylinder and stand on the workpiece that needs to be processed. For some workpieces that are difficult to process: for example, thicker, or with a larger diameter, and higher hardness or strength of the raw material, a small amount of work should be done at the same time to achieve the desired effect. For some workpieces with small diameters, they should be placed in the middle of the rolls for operation.

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