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How can the noise of ironworker machine be reduced?

How can the noise of ironworker machine be reduced?

The ironworker machine may make noise when it is working, which will make people feel very noisy. So, how should the ironworker machine pay attention to make it no longer so noisy?

1. Make sure that the ironworker machine is operating under a normal technical state.
2. Make sure that the working parts of the ironworker machine are intact and not defective. Especially in the installation of exhaust pipes, since many exhaust pipes are equipped with silencers, the noise of punching and shearing machines can be greatly reduced.
3. Pay attention to whether the parts are loose. If any parts are loose, vibration will occur and noise will increase.
4. Fill the combined ironworker machine with lubricating oil, grease, etc. according to the requirements, which can effectively prevent the unpleasant noise caused by lack of lubrication due to dry friction or semi-dry friction of moving parts.
5. The gap between the relative moving parts should be adjusted. At the same time, the driver’s assembly or adjustment is also very important.

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