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Chassis cabinet right-hand man – laser cutting machine


Chassis cabinet right-hand man – laser cutting machine


Laser cutting machine is the use of “beam” instead of the traditional mechanical knife, cutting speed, smooth cut, generally no need for post-processing. Laser cutting machine is suitable for almost all types of metal materials, whether simple or complex parts, for one-time precision and rapid molding. The use of software mapping to cooperate with cutting work, no mold needs, not only to achieve product diversification, but also to greatly reduce mold consumption.

Chassis cabinet processing of the ability – laser cutting machine

Advantages of metal laser cutting machine in the processing of enclosures:

No contact processing, no direct impact on the workpiece, so no mechanical deformation;

Laser cutting machine processing process without “tool” wear, save costs;

Laser cutting machine processing process, the laser beam energy density is high, processing speed is fast, and is local processing, non-laser irradiation site has no or minimal impact, therefore, its thermal impact of small areas, small thermal deformation of the workpiece;

Because the laser beam is easy to guide, focus, realize the direction change, it is easy to cooperate with the numerical control system, the complex workpiece processing, so it is an extremely flexible processing method;

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