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oxy flame cutting machine

Oxy Flame Cutting Machine and Plasma Cutting Machine USE Hypertherm 85A Power

Oxy Flame Cutting Machine and Plasma Cutting Machine USE Hypertherm 85A Power

oxy flame cutting machine

Main Features:

  1. Adopting Sweden ESAB, Japan KOIKE beam, square tube structure through stress-relief and surface oxidation treatment, with high rigidity, high strength, corrosion resistance and guaranteed operation accuracy.

2.Cutting torch lifter use towing chain type cable trailer to ensure that the air-pipes, wires be in good protection;

3.Cross-beam lifter use one main and multi servo movement method in horizontal direction, up to 6 lifers can be installed on, that is,6 cutting torches, each lifter equipped with a cutting torch and a lifting mechanism;

4.In longitudinal direction, using bilateral drive method;

5.Longitudinal configuration is equipped with high-precision rack, dedicated heavy-duty railroad rail ( NO.40 rail ), running reliably and accurately, and working surface use finishing grinding technology to ensure the smooth operation and accuracy of the machine.

 Standard Configuration:

  • Shanghai Fangling F2300 CNC system
  • X,Y-axes use linear guide rail, Z-axis use ball screw
  • HIWIN ball screw and polished rod with accuracy of 0.05mm
  • Fixed type large-scale operation system
  • Adopting FASTCAM/SMARTCUT CNC cutting software
  • Adopting Japan Panasonic P80 cutting head
  • X-axis driven by double motors, Y-axis driven by single motor
  • France Schneider electrics
  • Safety standard(2006/42/EC)

 Flame Cutting Gun:

  • The whole machine is manufactured by high-quality forged steel
  • Adopting equal pressure structure
  • The outside diameter of the casing tube is 30mm and 32mm
  • Five different lengths of casing tube: 180mm, 250mm, 370mm, 450mm
  • The rack can be installed in four different positions ( apart 90 °each position )
  • Applicable to the equal-pressure cutting tip with 30-degree conical surface

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