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Types and characteristics of Laser Cutting Machine beam material

Types and characteristics of Laser Cutting Machine beam material


The beam of the laser cutting machine is an important part of the equipment. The entire bed is welded and processed by a large gantry machining center. The beam has a great influence on         the efficiency, accuracy, and stability of the laser cutting machine. Then the beam of the laser cutting machine is What kind of material? What types of beams are there, and what are the               characteristics of various laser cutting machine beams? Han’s super laser cutting machine manufacturers take you to know.

       1.What is the material of the laser cutting machine beam

  • The beams of the super machine tools of the big family are basically welded with high-quality steel, stress relief annealing after welding, and semi-finishing.
  • The secondary aging treatment can effectively ensure that the bed will not deform during long-term use, and has excellent shock resistance, rigidity and stability.
  • Cast aluminum beams have been rarely used by mainstream manufacturers.

       2.Types and characteristics of laser cutting machine beams

  • Steel beams. The overall rigidity is extremely strong, the load is uniform, the performance is stable, and it is not easy to deform.
  • Cast aluminum beam. Limited by the requirements of fluidity during casting, the mechanical properties of the material are poor,the weight of the beam is difficult to continue to reduce.
  • Aluminum beam welding beam. The welding deformation is large and the manufacturing cycle is long. It is only used for the production of single parts and small batches.

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