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Daily inspection and maintenance of Victaulic Grooving Machine

Daily inspection and maintenance of Victualic Grooving Machine


Victaulic Grooving Machines are needed everywhere now, so how do you check them? The inspection of the planer can’t be fooled. It is generally divided into two points. The routine inspection is responsible for the inspection of the machine tool.
Handle and check the machine tool faults that occur during the operation of the Victaulic Grooving Machine.The machine tool operators perform the full-time inspections.The key parts and important components of the machine tool are responsible for key inspections and equipment status monitoring and fault diagnosis according to the cycle. Inspection plan, make diagnostic records, analyze repair results, and propose suggestions for improving equipment maintenance management, which are carried out by full-time maintenance personnel. The inspection of Victaulic Grooving Machine as a work system must be carefully implemented and persevered to ensure the normality of the machine tool For easy operation, the inspection contents of the Victaulic Grooving Machine can be listed in a concise form.
The inspection of the Victaulic Grooving Machine is the basis for the status monitoring and fault diagnosis work. It mainly includes the following contents: first of all, it is necessary to determine how many maintenance points a Victaulic Grooving Machine has, and scientifically analyze this equipment to find out the possibility. As long as the maintenance points are checked, the faults will be discovered in time.
Calibration, we must formulate standards for each maintenance point of the boat, such as gap, temperature, pressure, flow rate, tightness, etc., there must be a clear quantitative standard, as long as it does not exceed the specified standard, it will not be considered a failure.
Regularly, how often to check, and to determine the inspection cycle, some points may need to be checked for boat shifts, and some points may be checked once a month or a month, depending on the specific circumstances.
Fixed items, each maintenance point to check which items must be clearly defined, each point may check one item, or may check several items.

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